The Soul Grind

by Jaydee Graham

Jaydee Graham had a golden, idyllic childhood—the youngest child, adored by her parents, her future unlimited. Then a business deal gone wrong plunged the family into difficulties, pushing her father into an addiction that shattered her childhood.

When her wild and free spirit clashed with the iron control of family and church, Jaydee went through a series of therapists and hospitals, eventually ending up in long-term residential treatment—all of which alienated her further from her family and drove her into the arms of an abusive boyfriend. Then, when all hope seemed lost, she found a surprising and miraculous source of love that became the ladder out of the hole her life had become.

Endlessly surprising, startling and yet oddly hopeful, The Soul Grind tells the tale of a fierce and passionate soul grasping to make sense of a senseless world. A must-read for anyone who’s survived trauma, addiction or perhaps just adolescence, this book heralds the addition of a thrilling new voice to the recovery canon.


Jaydee Graham is a certified social worker with Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Social Work. In her home state of Kentucky, Jaydee served on the Survivors Council of the Attorney General’s Office and is the assistant program director at the non-profit Family Scholar House. In those roles, she advocates for survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence and works to end generational poverty and unstable housing in her community.

She’s also the founder of the soulful online hub The Soul Grind, which offers a space for healing, empowerment and support. The retreats and workshops she facilitates—both online and in person—provide sacred space for the community to come together to speak their truth and trudge verbally through their stories.